Glass Doors

StudioGlass Miami is a leading supplier of glass doors.

Our glass doors are the best solution to separate different environments without giving up light and space. We provide numerous finishes and closing systems, to guarantee brightness without sacrificing safety.

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Shower Enclosure

StudioGlass shower enclosures are divided into several product systems. All with a strong connotation of interior design. Our goal is to allow the possibility of diversified choices, while ensuring impeccable and efficient solutions. We guarantee water-tightness and longevity on all of our products.

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Glass Furniture

StudioGlass Miami Builds and Designs custom glass furniture. Our creative division combines fashion with furniture to bring sophistication and glamour to any space. Creativity is a major part of our job.

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Our Art Glass Division produces beautiful artistic hanging mirrors that can be installed just like any other picture or framed mirror. The mirror silvering is stripped away and then back painted with meticulous detail by our onsite artist using old world techniques.

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There is nothing more fascinating and attractive in a modern kitchen than a beautiful and eye-catching backsplash. While there are many functional advantages to adding a backsplash in the kitchen, people are starting to look at it as more than a functional addition. Our backsplashes serve as an aesthetic addition that enhances the appearance of the kitchen.

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With a remarkable blend of functionality and art, StudioGlass Miami offers glass Countertops and raised bars that will completely transform your eating area. Our exclusive and creative designs can make your kitchen glass countertops strikingly unique. Just imagine...

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Wall Dividers

Our wall dividers are pieces of art made out of glass. Why not have a functional part of your home, office or room be a conversation starter? We love to create pieces that not only serve the purpose of dividing your spaces, but also enhancing them. Let us create a unique piece made specially for you.

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Color and Printing

Art in Glass! the only limit is your imagination...

Our high-resolution print on glass will bring a modern and elegant touch to any environment. Bright colors and vivid images are the result of this amazing combination. Let your creativity run wild!

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Closet Doors

Interior glass sliding closet door applications create a contemporary and modern feel while providing practical solutions for an efficient use of space.

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Who is StudioGlass Miami

StudioGlass Miami is the new area devoted to designers, architects, general contractors and construction companies. StudioGlass is not a simple showroom. Our space is a multi-purpose facility where product sales go hand in hand with consulting services, training and innovative know-how for the products on display.

The purpose of this concept is to welcome Designers, Architects and Companies by guiding them to comprehend the products, to allow them to have a direct experience with the item by exposing them to our  multiple offerings on display.